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3. Castle Concert: Nature

Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele
Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele
Musical Direction

Escape to nature – into the mountains: The alphorn is a characteristic symbol of alpine culture. Over time, this long instrument was developed further and rose from shepherd's horn to a classic instrument played on concert stages worldwide. Mountains and nature are the defining aspects of this programme: You experience a »Night on Bald Mountain« (Ночь на лысой горе) with Modest Mussorgsky, take a break »In Nature’s Realm« (V přírodě) with Antonín Dvořák and listen to a waltz »From the Mountains« (Aus den Bergen) with Johann Strauß. And you will listen to an alphorn as you have never heard it played before: Horn player Arkady Shilkloper, at home in jazz and classical music, takes audiences along on a unique musical experience, performing Daniel Schnyder’s concert for alphorn and orchestra. Born in 1961 in Zurich, Daniel Schnyder is one of the most played Swiss composers of his generation. Since 1992, Schnyder, who also plays the sax and the recorder, lives in New York, the capital of jazz.