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else (someone)

by Carina Sophie Eberle based on Arthur Schnitzler / Stage Director: Nadja Loschky / Theater Bielefeld

World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
[15+] Zwinger 3
Nominated for the Jugendstückepreis

The view: fantastic. The mountains, the lake, even the derelict old Schlosshotel. It’s breathtakingly beautiful and most of all: It is far away from home where they bang doors. This is where else spends her last summer holidays before graduation together with Paul and Cissy. They had been inseparable since kindergarten. And they still are now – between nail polish, epilation cream and sweat, and despite the fact that else and Cissy both have a crush on Paul, butterflies everywhere. else is enjoying the sun, topless, on her belly. Suddenly, Dorsday, her dad's old friend, is there, staring at her. Moments later, her mother leaves her a voice message: her dad, his gambling debts, 30,000, until tomorrow. She wants her to ask Dorsday for the money, he owes her father a favour. When else explains, stammering, he asks her for a favour in return. And she falls to pieces.

Nearly one hundred years after Arthur Schnitzler's novella »Fräulein Else«, Carina Sophie Eberle gives the characters a modern self-confidence and shows how topical this coming-of-age story is today, in between enforced gender roles and day-to-day sexual harassment.

Content notes

Stage Director
Nadja Loschky
Set and Costume
Marie-Luise Otto
Misha Cvijović
Martin Quade
Franziska Eisele
Dorėja Atkočiūnas*, Chiara Ducomble*, Amy Lombardi, Ronja Oehler*, Gesa Schermuly, Carmen Witt

*Member of Bielefelder Studio