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Bastard of Tragedy

by Ewe Benbenek / Stage Director: Emel Aydoğdu / Theater Konstanz

Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Zwinger 1
Nominated for the Nachspielpreis

After her parents moved from Poland to Germany, she did her Abitur and went to university. She’s a social climber, a SHEro. Now she thinks back and is longing to find the right language to convey her experiences and those of her family. About how her parents finally got the dark red passport. About how she is fed up with narratives. The narrative of a migrant child as social climber and the narrative of the golden West. In the present, she stands still and can fulfil neither her own nor other's expectations. That is why she says: Enough. Together with her Sisters she walks into the night towards freedom: »Let's go, let’s go to the street, clack, clack, clack, bam, bam, bam, clack, bam.« They celebrate, they dance and turn into goddesses, taking back the words that are usually used against them. 

With »Tragödienbastard« Ewe Benbenek has created a text that pulls you in, a text about the power of language and the search for new ways of telling a story. Her search switches rapidly between painful memories, helpless thoughts and loud rebellion. For her debut play Benbenek received the Mülheimer Dramatikpreis in 2021. 

»Tragödienbastard« premiered at Schauspielhaus Wien in 2020.

Stage Director
Emel Aydoğdu
Set and Costume
Eva Lochner 
Carola von Gradulewski 
Kristina Lotta Kahlert, Lilian Prent, Ruby Ann Rawson
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