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Variations on Refusal / Play by Maya Arad Yasur / Stage Director: Sapir Heller / Theater Lübeck

Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Alter Saal
from the Hebrew by Matthias Naumann / Nominated for the Nachspielpreis

In her text for the theatre, Israeli author Maya Arad Yasur skilfully interweaves the lives of three people: The artist Naomi, who processes her father’s war traumata in a performance at the museum. The fighter pilot Eatherly, who feels like a god in the blue desert of the skies, but refuses to aim at targets on the ground after a mission with »collateral damage«. And the nameless boy with a camera who photographs and captures the events of war for all eternity. Like the norns, the goddesses of destiny within Nordic mythology, a group of narrators weaves the yarn of these life stories, sometimes interweaving and tying them together. Is the school, Eatherly is supposed to bomb, really an ammunition depot? Which continent are we on and which conflict are we part of? Is anyone still keeping track? What can art do in light of the horrors of war? In »BOMB«, Maya Arad Yasur refuses to give answers and simple truths. She concentrates instead on telling the stories, on the pull they develop and on the traces they leave behind after the curtains fall, the museum turns off the light or the film is over.

»BOMB« premiered at Schauspiel Köln in 2020.

Content notes

Stage Director
Sapir Heller
Set and Costume
Anna van Leen
Rahel Hutter
Daniel Thulke
Cornelia von Schwerin
Astrid Färber, Rahel Hutter, Andreas Hutzel, Samantha Ritzinger, Henning Sembritzki, Vincenz Türpe, Will Workman
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