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A multimedia review / with texts by Theresa Seraphin / Stage Director: Daniel Pfluger and Lukas März / Schauburg München

World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
[15+] Zwinger 1
Nominated for the Jugendstückepreis

The siblings Erika and Klaus Mann were cringe and cool at the same time even within the European cultural industry of 100 years ago. On stage, they presented as androgynous, homosexual, politically demanding and proved their sharp comic wit. They lived gender diversity and mixed self-presentation with art in a way we still consider radical today. Based on the »MannTwins«, this review takes audiences along on the catwalk of queer performers. Intimate scenes are followed by performances of Drag Queens and Drag Kings, masters of disguise as well as experts of queer everyday life. Everything seems private and public at the same time. In a playful manner, this review enters the LGBTQ world full of so many possibilities.

LGBTQ issues are personal, private and public, all in one. Erikxa acts out the possibilities beyond heteronormativity in a sensual way. Erikxa is available on screen and live at Zwinger 1.

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Stage Director
Daniel Pfluger, Lukas März
Flurin Borg Madsen
Karen Modrei
Anne Richter
Theatre Pedagogy
Xenia Bühler
Janosch Fries, Lucia Schierenbeck
Appearing in Video
King Tenu, The Darvish, Lucia Lucas
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