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Sea-Shells by the Shore

by Raphaela Bardutzky / Stage Director: David Bösch / Landestheater Linz

Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Alter Saal
Translation into Polish by Aleksandra Lukoszek

Fritz no longer sells sea-shells by the shore. The shoreline is receding and a stroke has left Fritz searching for the words. His son Franz, did not want to stay in the countryside, now lives in a city and owns several hairdressers. He can't take care of his father. But his father needs help and refuses to move to a nursing home. They get a nurse from Eastern Europe. She has been dreaming about the big wide world, but instead she ends up in the country cottage of a stubborn old man who used to sell sea-shells on a now receding shoreline. What's more, talking to him is everything but easy. There is the language barrier for one and then there is his stroke. His own language has become strange to him since then. And it is becoming more and more difficult to practice speaking.

»Fischer Fritz« is not just a theatre of the spoken word but also of language. Raphaela Bardutzky tells a story of the courage and strength of little people, the challenges they face, when they're abroad, when they are in care, when they grow old and in dealing with their parents.

»Fischer Fritz« premiered at Schauspiel Leipzig / Autor:innentheatertage Berlin in 2022.

Stage Director
David Bösch
Patrick Bannwart
Moana Stemberger
Karsten Riedel
Andreas Erdmann
Nele Christoph, Daniel Klausner, Lutz Zeidler
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