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In Memory of Doris Bither

by Yana Thönnes / Schaubühne Berlin

World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
in German and English with German and English supertitles

1974, Culver City, Los Angeles: Doris Bither, single mom of four, tells the police that she was raped by an »Invisible Entity« in her own house during the night. The officers do indeed encounter inexplicable things in her house like objects being moved without any external help and cold spots. They classify the case as »paranormal activity«. Investigations of the case take months and involve around 30 investigators regularly visiting Bither. The case will never be solved. 

An author picks up the story and writes a bestseller. He writes the screenplay for the horror film »The Entity« which premiered in 1983 and effectively lost Doris Bither the copyright to her own story. It is marketed while she is still alive. Doris herself is haunted by the »Invisible Entity« until her dying day. 

Decades later, her son, her former neighbour and the child actress from »The Entity« try to reconstruct the traumatic experiences. In between summoning ghosts, repetition compulsion, true crime and family constellation they go on a search for the memoirs of Doris Bither, in the hope of giving her back her own story. 


Content notes

Stage Director
Yana Thönnes
Set and Costume
Katharina Pia Schütz
Ville Haimala
Elisa Leroy, Martín ValdésStauber
Heinrich Horwitz, Ruth Rosenfeld, Kate Strong