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Common Things

by Angela Löer, Eva Plischke and Frank Oberhäußer / Turbo Pascal

World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Zwinger 3

What do the things we gather in the course of our lives say about our origin, our thinking, the time they are from? With help from the audience, Frank, a white middle-aged Western academic reorganises his favourite things, his inheritances and the things gathering dust in the back of his cupboard according to the new zeitgeist. Frank is in his 40ies and doesn’t like to throw things out. His flat in Berlin-Neukölln is full of things from different phases of his life. And now his father has died and new inheritances and memorabilia add to his collection. What are these things worth to him and to others? Some were once a central part of his identity, but today he sees them in a different light.

With »Common Things« Turbo Pasacal have created a solo that has Frank deal with the different voices of society in his head. What goes on the shelf, what had better remain in the box, what can or has to be thrown out? And what should he pass on one day? Can the audience help him? This solo is not just an inventory of Frank's personal legacy but also a commentary on the flexibility and adaptability in an ever-changing world. How many times are we prepared to change in one lifetime?

You will need a smartphone with mobile data option to participate in the interaction.

»Common Things« was created for the Monologfestival 2023 of TD Berlin.

Concept, Text, Stage Direction
Turbo Pascal (Angela Löer, Eva Plischke, Frank Oberhäußer)
Frank Oberhäußer