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by Michel Friedman / Stage Director: Stephan Kimmig / Schauspiel Hannover

World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt

»I live somewhere in no-man’s land. / A place to stay? / A home? / What do they mean? / What’s the price they pay for that?« The speaker is a child. The world it lives in feels foreign to the child, sometimes the child even feels like a stranger to itself. The child was born in France. Immigrated to Germany in the 60ies. Its family survived the Shoa and now the child has to live – but how?

In a touching and poetical way, Michel Friedman gives a voice to the humiliated and the excluded. He takes one human fate as an example, looks at their biography and creates a text about a world where being foreign is part of someone’s day-to-day life and living in it is felt to be dangerous. It's about fear as well as love, loneliness as well as the hope of overcoming it. It’s a plea for differentiating and against inhumanity. And the child? »The child, it lives.«

Adapted for the stage for the first time by Stephan Kimmig, Michel Friedman’s exceptional text is performed by a cast of four.

Content notes

Stage Director
Stephan Kimmig
Katja Haß
Anja Rabes
Christian Decker
Mirko Borscht
Elvin İlhan
Christine Grant, Stella Hilb, Max Landgrebe, Alban Mondschein
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