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by Tamara Chumashvili, Gvantsa Enukidze, Masho Makashvili / Open Space / Center for Visual and Performing Arts Tbilisi

World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
in Georgian with German supertitles

The multimedia performance »Greenhouse« is the joint project of five artists created on the basis of documentary research and interviews. In the course of three months, the cast members met with housewives and examined their role as »care-givers« that they were taught from the time they were born. Based on these interviews and other documentary research, a musician, three actresses, one costume designer and a video artist worked on this multimedia performance (without stage direction).

The literary part of this show is based on the Georgian folk tale »Anana«. Anana, a woman with magical powers, is the object of a prince’s love who keeps marrying other women. His wives try to imitate Anana's superhuman skills and die in the attempt to reach this ideal. By linking this folk tale with actual reality, the authors discuss a nightmarish world where roles are defined categorically and choices are limited. But what if they reject these roles?

Content notes

Set and Costume
Nino Goderidze (God Era)
Ana Gzirishvili
Giorgi (Makkari) Gogoladze
Sergey Fadeev
Tamara Chumashvili, Gvantsa Enukidze, Masho Makashvili