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Medea s01e06

by Papa Tsikolia / Royal District Theatre Tbilisi & GRTN Georgian Regional Theaters Network

World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
in Georgian with German supertitles

»You gods, avert all pain from me. I have suffered enough. You know me now. I am Medea. A heartless murderer. I am not the one who will be defeated.« Medea, in this case, is not a virgin blinded by passion. Medea is heir to the throne of Colchis and fights against her father and her brother. She never left her home because her goal is not to marry Jason but to destroy the family of her father and the Colchian culture. Paata Tsikolia’s »Medea« is a completely unexpected new version of the myth. Medea is still in her home country, and the beaches drenched with Colchian blood are the ground on which this mythical character arises. It is here that everything started.

The Royal District Theatre Tbilisi has a long tradition of promoting emerging dramatists and directors, is known to keep pushing artistic boundaries and supporting social and political commitment. With its own publisher for theatre writing, the Royal District Theatre has been a centre of creativity and innovation within Georgia’s theatre landscape for over 25 years. 

Founded in 2008, the GRTN Georgian Regional Theaters Network aims to support, develop and make regional theatres popular.


Content notes

Stage Director
Paata Tsikolia
Set and Costume
Ira Shengelia 
Natia Chikvaidze
Tamar Putkaradse 
Iva Kimeridze 
Gia Burdjanadze, Ekaterine Demetradze, Sandro Samkharadze 
Natia Chikvaidze, Tamar Chkheidze, Anna Gumeniuk, Valeria Khri patch, Sopio Natchkebia, Teona Tsitsakishvili