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zwinger x queer youth

Self-created theatre play »DunkelHide« followed by a post-performance discussion

zwinger x
Zwinger 1

Hidden in the dark hide the shadows of queer stories that we often don't want to see. They sparkle and smoulder at us, waiting to finally step into the spotlight. We don't want to deny them that any longer! Where is the light switch?

The play »DunkelHide« uses autobiographical elements to illuminate the darker side of visibility and tells of everyday queer experiences that are otherwise lost in the attempt to present the most perfect possible image of the community.

This play is the result of a collaboration between young artists from the Rhine-Neckar region with the support of Queer Youth


Please note: The play explicitly addresses topics such as sexualised violence, discrimination (queer hostility, ableism) and mental illness. The theatre hall can be left at any time, and an awareness person will be on site.