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zwinger x queerquartett

A literary quartet: Queer, critical, radically diverse

zwinger x
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A literary quartet: Queer, critical, radically diverse! Four people, four books - and an open conversation about why 1) queer history*s really affect us all, why 2) the heteronormative narratives of our society urgently need to be supplemented by other narratives, and 3) what then, hand on heart, are the books in the infinite literary cosmos that we should all urgently read. Personal recommendations of stories beyond gender or desire norms, subjective views on great texts and a fun and (promised!) unelitist literary debate: come around to the queerquartett, it will be everything - but definitely not either/or!

The queerquartett is formed by Leyla Jagiella (author of the book »Among the Eunuchs. A Muslim Transgender Journey«), Nicoletta Rapetti (social pedagogue at BiBeZ e. V.), Jen Bihr (active in the Queer Network Heidelberg) and Ida Feldmann (drama assistant at the Theatre Heidelberg).