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Notes on the VR production


The VR production »Freud träumt :: Anna O.« works at the interface of live acting and 360° VR video technology. You will experience the two players Katharina Ley and Michael Benthin live on site in the historic lecture theatre of the Institute for Theoretical Physics and in the virtual space of the VR production.

VR glasses will be waiting for you at your seat, which you will use several times during the performance. Before the performance begins, our staff will explain to you how the VR glasses work. If something on your VR glasses does not work, please raise your hand - a member of staff will then assist you immediately. During the play, the players will signal you a few times to put on or take off your VR glasses.

The VR sequences in the production are about three to five minutes long. The short duration of the VR sequences should not cause you any problems. However, if you feel uncomfortable, dizzy, have a headache or similar, please remove the VR glasses briefly. The VR glasses fit over almost all private spectacles, and hearing aids and the like can also remain in use as normal.

We wish you a stimulating experience in this VR staging!

Photo: Susanne Reichardt