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Dance Theatre Heidelberg


Dance Theatre Heidelberg (DTH) with its artistic director Iván Pérez is the permanent dance ensemble of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg.

Photo: Susanne Reichardt

Since its founding in September 2018, the newly established dance company has won the trust of audiences and critics with its high-quality productions and contemporary dance aesthetics. The repertoire includes various creations by Iván Pérez - often in collaboration with the Heidelberg Philharmonic Orchestra and other sections of the house - and commissioned works by guest choreographers. The DTH has an international ensemble with dancers from Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, France, Spain, Taiwan and Ukraine. It is committed to an inclusive environment and promotes dialogue and exchange between artists. The DTH's fringe programme, which aims to reach out to all audiences, reinforces the troupe's commitment to developing communities around dance and in the city.

In the winter of the new 2022/23 season, Iván Pérez premieres »Island« on 10 December 2022 in the Marguerre-Saal. The dance evening is a collaboration with the opera choir of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg with original compositions by Jean-Claude Acquaviva and Maciej Rychły. Also by the artistic director of the DTH, this will be followed by »Reality and the Cosmos« on 20 May 2023 in the main stage of the house. Inspired by A. N. Whitehead's philosophy of process, Iván Pérez will explore metaphysical questions on stage. We are also excited to continue dancing Iván Pérez's successful productions »Firebird & Rite of Spring« with music by Igor Stravinsky and »No Tears Left to Cry« by Brazilian guest choreographer Renan Martins next season.

Since 2018, the DTH has staged the following productions by its artistic director: »The Inhabitants« site-specific performance, »Impression«, »Becoming«, »Exhausting Space«, »Dimension«, »Avatars and Antiheroes«, the two-part evening »Together« with the duets »Flutter« and »Kick the Bucket«, the final part of the Millennial trilogy »Oscillation« and the dance theatre piece »Waiting for the Barbarians«, which premiered at the Dicker Turm as part of the Schlossfestspiele. In addition, the Belgian guest choreographer Astrid Boons and the Taiwanese DTH dancer Yi-Wei Lo created two choreographies for the ensemble as part of the production »Momentum«.

The DTH also presents its works beyond the city limits. In 2018, the company travelled to Maastricht, Netherlands, where it previewed »Impression« at the Dutch Dance Days Gala. In May 2020, the company should have performed »Exhausting Space« in Rome, but the pandemic did not allow it. Supported by the Instituto Cervantes in Bremen, »Oscillation« opened the Festival Baila España in November 2021, which celebrated its 10th anniversary. From March to April 2022, the DTH toured Germany with the production »4 x 4«, which attracted a lot of press attention for its innovation.

The DTH is also co-responsible for the new edition of the Tanzbiennale Heidelberg 2023. The nine-day international dance festival was founded in 2014 thanks to the TANZallianz - the cooperation between the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg and the UnterwegsTheater.