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Arts & Education

Photo: Susanne Reichardt

More than just watching!

Theatre is a special and immediate experience that stirs up emotions and leaves you with many impressions. This is where the team of Arts & Education comes into play by offering a change of perspective, different formats to accompany productions and by opening spaces for encounter and experimentation.

Start a conversation with us, switch from auditorium to stage, try things out for yourself! Don’t hesitate to contact us concerning individual workshops and project ideas.

You can find an overview of our programme for educators and school groups here in PDF form as well as below in detail.

If you want to take part yourself, check out our programmes for individual people further down on this page.

and formats

We inform you about current offers by post and e-mail.

You can choose between our digital educators' newsletter with relevant information on current productions for all those who are active in educational institutions and the family newsletter with our offers for families.

We also send out the monthly programme and other print products free of charge by post.

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Theatre Education

Markus Strobl
Education Young Theatre
06221 / 5835 512
markus.strobl [​at​]

Constanze Wohninsland
Education Young Theatre
06221 / 5835 510
constanze.wohninsland [​at​]

Mareike Schneider
Theatre Education
06221 / 5835 741
mareike.schneider [​at​]

Maura Kopschitz
Musical Theatre and Concert Education
06221 / 5835 935
maura.kopschitz [​at​]

Gaëlle Morello
Dance Education
gaelle.morello [​at​]


Coordination of Young Public

Claudia Villinger
Coordination of Theatre Projects and Visits, Head of Coordination Theatre and School
06221 / 5835 460
claudia.villinger [​at​]

Tonia Außel
Organisation, Advice and Ticketing School and Kindergarten Groups, Young Subscriptions
06221 / 5835 780
schulgruppen [​at​]


Contact for DTH-Einblicke and DTH-Off-Stage

Marcos Mariz
Dance Dramaturge
06221 / 5835 440
marcos.mariz [​at​]


Organisation Arts & Education

Ilon Jödicke
06221 / 5835 183
ilon.joedicke [​at​]