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Katharina Kessler

Photo: Susanne Reichardt

Katharina Kessler was born in 1991. Before she began her acting studies in Bern in 2013, which she completed in 2018 with a Master's degree in Expanded Theatre, she briefly studied literature and English at the University of Cologne and visual communication at the Kunsthochschule Kassel. In 2012 she made guest appearances at the Studiobühne Köln and later several times at the Lucerne Theatre. In 2018, she took up her first permanent engagement at Theater Osnabrück, where she worked for two artistic directors. Important productions for her were »Die Familie Schroffenstein« with Daniel Foerster and team, where she played Agnes Schroffenstein, and »iki.radikalmensch« with the directing team around Rieke Süßkow. With the latter, they were invited to the Mülheimer Theatertage and Radikal Jung. Other important roles were the title role in »antigone (a requiem)« by Thomas Köck, Nadine in »Das Waldhaus« by Rebecca Kricheldorf and Effi as Elisabeth in the musical version of »Pride and Prejudice*« by Isobel McArthur. In the summer of 2023, she will appear for the first time as a guest at the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg in »Minna von Barnhelm«.

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