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1. Castle Concert: Katharine Mehrling sings Piaf

Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele
Heidelberger Schlossfestspiele
Musical Direction

Édith Piaf, nicknamed »La Môme Piaf« (Little Sparrow), is celebrated as the Queen of Chanson. Her life fluctuated between light and dark, highlights and tragedies. Mirroring her turbulent and emotional life, her chansons’ melodies are timeless and catchy. Berlin’s celebrated star artist Katharine Mehrling presents her own special declaration of love to the French chanson legend: Under the direction of Dietger Holger and together with Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg, the first Castle Concert will see »La Mehrling« perform classics like »La vie en rose« (Life in Pink), »Milord«, »Padam ... padam« and »Sous le ciel de Paris« (Under Paris Skies), taking a stroll through the life of Édith Piaf, with musical stops along the way at Gabriel Fauré’s, Erik Satie’s and Claude Debussy’s. Arrangements for orchestra have been composed by Basque conductor and accordion virtuoso Enrique Ugarte who celebrated a huge success at Heidelberg's Schlossfestspiele back in 2018.