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Time to Shine

Dance and theatre spectacle by Takao Baba and Ensemble / Junges Schauspiel - Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus

World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
World premiere Heidelberger Stückemarkt
[12+] Alter Saal
Production for hearing, hard of hearing and deaf people / Nomination for the Jugendstückepreis

Imagine you’re in a game show and you don’t know why you were invited. The other candidates arrive. A new AI is set to be presented. The audience cheers as the eccentric showmaster enters. The rules of the game are easy, the participants play, talk and dance. Strangely, candidate number seven does not appear. The participants grow restless. It's unfair, that someone is part of the game, but isn’t playing. When there are more and more signs suggesting that number seven will never come, the show master lets it slip: The AI can predict people's death date. And the show is set to capture participants’ reactions to their remaining time, live on stage. Enraged, they stop the show master and start to share their dreams. How does it feel to be loved and seen? What does it mean to use the time you have and to enjoy it? Will they destroy the AI and find or create their own lifetime? 

This production is for the hearing, the hard of hearing and the Deaf. We capitalise Deaf to signal that it refers to a culture and an identity. 

Stage Direction and Choreography
Takao Baba 
Martina Lebert
Music and Video
Riccardo Castagnola
Martina Lebert, Alyssa Töller 
Christian Schmidt 
Kirstin Hess
German Sign Language interpreter for the moderation
Rafael-Evitan Grombelka
Aesthetics of Access
Ben Glover
Pedagogical Theatre
Lena Hilberger, Ilka Zänger
Production Consultant
Access Maker by UnLabel 
Elisa Berrod, Sarena Bockers, Dodzi Dougban, RafaelEvitan Grombelka, Jonathan Gyles, Natalie Hanslik, Eduard Lind, Bounracksa Phomkoumphon, Solomon Quaynoo, Yulia Yá.ez Schmidt, Valentin Schwerdfeger
Appearing in video
Hero aka Zinenuba Fayiri 
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Stückbeschreibung in Gebärdensprache

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In Kooperation mit dem Studiengang Physical Theatre der Folkwang Universität der Künste / Gefördert im Programm Jupiter der Kulturstiftung des Bundes
Gebärdensprachdolmetschung mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Stadt Heidelberg