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And besides, bristles are beautiful

An ensemble production based on Nadia Budde's illustrated book

Young Theatre [3+]
Zwinger 3

We are born, we grow up – sometimes our arms are too long, our legs too short or our belly too round. It is always changing, always with us – our body. It protects us, makes us vulnerable at the same time and is our representative in the world.

Body images are part of society. Children grow up and immediately they experience expectations of their bodies - both from themselves and from outside.

Based on Nadia Budde's picture book »And besides, bristles are beautiful«, the production team researches body images, ideals of beauty and the stereotypes associated with them. In doing so, an experimental approach to form and movement is at the centre of the artistic search - inspired by Nadia Budde's thesis: »One thing is important, the way you are, that's the way you are right!«

Anne Wittmiß
Theatre Education
Assistant Director
Caroline Ufer
Acting Head of Technology Zwinger
Roberto Martinez