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How to be heroic

Theatrical live podcast inspired by Antigone, Malala Yousafzai and many more

Young Theatre [10+]
Zwinger 3
Club #3 The allied ones [13–15]

»A taciturn heroine strides purposefully past the terrified police officers into the building where the hostages are held captive.« A scene like many others. But why do heroic people so often fight alone? What skills do they have to be able to save the world? And where do heroines like Harriet Tubman or Sophie Scholl find so much courage? Club #3 is looking for an answer to the questions what it takes to be a heroic person and how we can (still) save our world.

Costume advice
Dramaturgical advice
May Albayati, Flora Bowyer, Madita Bremen, Marlene Dettweiler, Leonor Donado Gomez, Romy Kesternich, Paula Ludwig, Matilda Patzelt, Sofia Reinsch, Madeleine Schmitt, Anni Schönberger, Miguel, Kira Szczesna