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Gerd Amelung

Gerd Amelung studied harpsichord, clavichord and basso continuo in Weimar and Basel. His work focuses on secular vocal music between 1600 and 1800.

Most recently he conducted Monteverdi's »Ulisse« at the German National Theatre in Weimar (SZ 2021/22) as well as G. Scarlatti's »Amor Prigioniero« at the Liebhabertheater Schloss Kochberg (2021-23).2024 will be followed by J. F. Agricola's »Achille in Sciro« at the Altenburg-Gera Theatre and G. A. Benda's melodrama »Ariadne« at the Liebhabertheater Schloss Kochberg.

G. Scarlatti's »I portentosi effetti della madre natura« in 2022 was his first assistance for Dorothee Oberlinger. In 2023/24 the collaboration with R. Keiser's »Nebucadnezar« and C. H. Graun's »Adriano in Siria« between the two will continue.

He has been invited several times by the Semperoper Chorus for rehearsals, most recently for Gluck's »Iphigenia in Tauris« and Purcell's »Funeral Sentences for Queen Mary«. As assistant to Wolfgang Katschner, he has conducted the Philharmonic Orchestra of Heidelberg (N. Jommelli: »Fetonte« and L. Vinci: »Didone abbandonata«). 

At the same time he is active as a festival maker: since 2016 artistic director of the GÜLDENER Festival of Ancient Music Thuringia, from December 2022 to May 2023, he was the of the Handel Festival Halle (Saale) 2024. He teaches baroque stylistics for singers at the Franz Liszt at the HfM Franz Liszt Weimar; since 2020 he has been répétiteur at the Cesti Competition Innsbruck.

He is a prizewinner of the Konzertgesellschaft München and a DAAD scholarship holder.

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