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A virtual theatre game based on Felix Salten´s novel, edited by Ekat Cordes

Young Theatre [8+]

Somewhere in the near future, nobody can remember forests. Kai can´t either. Kai doesn´t know trees, animals or meadows. He sits down in front of his computer and programs tomorrow´s game: BAMBI.

In BAMBI, the players of this virtual theatre game discover nature´s trials and tribulations. They meet Bambi and all the other animals and get to know the dangers of the forest with them.

Bambi is the most popular deer in literature. Ekat Cordes translates the story with his team into a future that´s approaching fast: a world without nature. With this digital, interactive web game, a journey through the virtual forest´s pixel network emerges.


This production is available digitally in German with English subtitles. The virtual theatre game can be played any time until the end of the theatre season. All you need is internet access and a browser, you don’t need to download or install anything. Note: the game does not work on mobile phones!


The game can be played for free here.

digitales Programmheft zu Bambi

Kai's Mother, Bambi's Mother, Curt, Gobo, Toxic Waste Bin
Faline, Hasi, Mausi, Flower, Helena
Nadja Rui
Butterfly, Qualldon, Polecat
Bambi's Father
Felician Hohnloser
Special Appearances
Magdalena Wabitsch
Eagle owl, cricket
Marcel Schubbe
Director and Sound design
Ekat Cordes
Costume, Graphics, Illustration
Christian Käser
Cutting and Animation
Gernot Wöltjen
Christian Raudzis
Theatre pedagogy
Elisabeth Schneider, Christine Arnold
Finn Tubbe
Technischer Leiter Zwinger
Dirk Wiegleb
Dirk Wiegleb
Technischer Direktor
Peer Rudolph
Technischer Produktionsleiter
Jens Weise
Technische Mannschaft
Christian Brecht, Alexander Dressler, Jonah Fellhauer, Roland Rogg, Kristin Rohleder, Martin Rohr, Michael Theil
Leiterin der Kostümabteilung
Katharina Kromminga
Stellv. Leiterin der Kostümabteilung und Kostümbearbeitung
Kristina Flachs
Oktavia Herbst
Gewandmeisterin Herren
Rebecca Meurer / Alexandra Partzsch
Leiterin der Ankleiderei
Sabrina Flitsch
Kerstin Geiger, Martina Müller (stellv.)
Ramona Bauer
Mona Patzelt
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Trailer by Gernot Wöltjen