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Über Leben als Ukrainer*in

Acht kurze Kompositionen über das Leben der Ukrainer*innen für das westliche Publikum / von Anastasiia Kosodii

World premiere
World premiere
TiK, Theater im Karlstorbahnhof
aus dem Ukrainischen von Lydia Nagel

How does it feel to come from Ukraine and long for the end of the war in Germany? The author Anastasiia Kosodii created eight short compositions without music: about bravery, beauty, death as a dimension of time - and how to tell about it. And about everything in general. Vladlena Sviatash speaks, plays and dances the text in Ukrainian with German surtitles and offers an emotional insight into the Ukrainian soul.

Stage and Costumes
In Kooperation mit dem Karlstorbahnhof und dem Freien Theaterverein Heidelberg