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Homo Bestia [14+]

Young Theatre [14+]
Zwinger 3
Club #6 The interdependent ones [18+]

What is a group actually? What is its function, its structure? In what ways do people perceive themselves and how do they influence each other – how do they relate to each other? What is my place within a group – can I lose my identity in it? What dangers do groups pose or do they only bring advantages? These questions inspire our improvisations, movements and choreographies. »Homo Bestia« is the result of a reflection on the phenomena that can be observed within groups.

Friede Eilmess
Costume advice
Dramaturgical advice
Josephine Ahrens, Shofie Bahalwan, Julian Bockius, Sina Dieterich, Hannah Galler, Shiwa Ghassabei, Ida Lucia Maria Gronloh, Hannah Kister, Zita Lambert, Ariane Oppold, Majra Paula, Alexandra Rita Turi da Fonte Dias, Cris Vicario Godoy, Hannah Van Dijk, Clara Wriessnegger, Ryn Zucker