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Inés Belda Nácher

Photo: Susanne Reichardt

Inés Belda Nácher is a dancer born in Valencia, Spain. She was based in the Netherlands for a while as she graduated from ArtEZ in Arnhem in June 2013. Before her studies, she took part in La Jove Companyia Gerald Collins. There she performed pieces from choreographers such as Erik Jiménez, Gustavo Ramírez, Kerry Nicholls or Iván Pérez among others. She collected first professional experiences with La Coja Danse in 2012 and is still connected with them. Inés Belda Nácher has worked in both, small projects such as »Kraai«, a duet from Jasper van Luijk within Maas Theater en Danse or »Then, Before, Now, Once more«, a duet from Antonin Comestaz and in bigger productions such as »Alleen op de Wereld« or »HUI«, a collaboration from Iván Pérez with Dance Forum Taipei. Over the past 4 years her continuous collaboration with Iván Pérez build up a meaningful consistency as she was part of almost every piece he did. That she joined the new Dance Theatre Heidelberg (DTH) in September 2018 pursues this connection successfully.

Current Season
Bone Smoke
Reality and the Cosmos