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by Iván Pérez

World premiere
World premiere
[recommended for ages 16 and up]

»Silk« is a sensual work that combines the disciplines of dance and fashion. Inspired by the delicate texture and great elegance of silk, the artistic director of Dance Theatre Heidelberg (DTH), Iván Pérez, creates this dance piece in collaboration with fashion designer Alejandro Palomo, with whom he produced »The Male Dancer« at the Paris Opera Ballet in 2018.

Palomo´s inquisitive vision creatively blurs the borders between masculinity and femininity, which here hints at a unique form of sex determination discovered in the silk moth. Intrigued by this and drawing from his previous examination of masculinities in »The Male Dancer«, Pérez now moves beyond binaries with »Silk«, knitting sinuous movements that construct an intricate choreographic fabric.


Choreography and Direction
Miguelángel Clerc Parada
Costume Design
Alejandro Palomo
Stage Design
Lighting Design
Ralph Schanz
Assistant to the Choreographer
Artistic Production Management
Adrián Castelló
Dance Education
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