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And Obviously It's All Down to Capitalism After All

A turbo-capitalist performance

World premiere
World premiere
Young Theatre [14+]
Zwinger 3
in German without supertitles

Welcome to the ultimate family game for adults and children: Late Capitalism. Are you the winning or the losing type? Solidarity or yourself – what do you prefer? The rules are hard, but fair. Aren't they? Your starting square on the board of capitalism decides if you have the opportunities to make it far or will keep hitting dead ends. We are all game counters and contribute to the rules staying as they are. Find out for yourself if you are the type to take another's butter from their slice of bread or if you will take the lead in redistribution. Who, though, are we playing against?

This is Kollektiv Neuland's second piece for Theater und Orchester Heidelberg, in which they issue an invitation to a turbo-capitalist apocalyptic spectacle and ask (uncomfortable) questions about privilege, equal opportunities and class membership.

This production is accompanied by a programme from the Arts & Education team.

Kollektiv Neuland
Stage and Costumes
Theatre Education
Assistant Director
N. N.
Technical Manager Zwinger
Roberto Martinez