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Clothes Make the Man

after Gottfried Keller

Young Theatre [12+]
Zwinger 3
in German without supertitles

The poor tailor Wenzel Strapinski has just lost his job. In such a situation, his extremely noble coat soon turns out to be very useful: thanks to his luxurious appearance, everybody in the small hamlet of Goldach thinks that he is a prosperous count who must be courted good and proper. Wenzel isn't sure how long his conscience will let him keep up the false pretences, but casts aside all misgivings when the councillor's clever and beautiful daughter falls in love with Count Strapinski. How long until his masquerade must fall to pieces?

There ensues an exciting and comical tale that examines the relationship between deception and truth, appearance and reality as well as the question of one's own identity.

This production is accompanied by a programme from the Arts & Education team.

Daniel Foerster
Stage and Costumes
Lisa Kruse
Theatre Education
Assistant Director
Caroline Ufer
Direction Hospitanz
Linn Bechtloff
Technical Manager Zwinger
Roberto Martinez