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The Blazing World

Play development by F. Wiesel based on the novel by Margaret Cavendish

World premiere
World premiere
Zwinger 1
in German
[recommended for ages 16 and up]

In 1666, Europe is going through the so-called Little Ice Age. There is another outbreak of the pest. London is burning. While new forms of government are devised, old ones overthrown and questioned everywhere, Margaret Cavendish becomes the pioneer of Science Fiction literature with her book »The Blazing World«. In a utopian parallel world beyond the North Pole and surrounded by beasts and fantastic technology, she poses the question of female participation in society, science and politics. She looks for answers, creates a matriarchy, subjugates the entire planet in the end and continues to ask: What worlds do we imagine if the one we’re living in is falling apart? 

After »Restworld«, »The Blazing World« is the second work by Frankfurt-based duo F. Wiesel at the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg. In their works, F. Wiesel focus on puppet and object theatre as well as the use of analogue special effect techniques.  

Costume Design
Staff text
Theatre Education
Die junge Frau, Kaiserin
Margaret Cavendish
Kaiser, Bärenmensch, Vogel, Fuchsmensch
Bärenmenschen, Vögel, Wurmmenschen
Sarah Wissner Helga Lazar
F. Wiesel, Sarah Wissner, Naomi Kean
Motiv Vorhang
Naomi Kean
Regieassistenz und Inspizienz
Goldie Röll / Corinna Reichle
Tobias Junker / Clara Wilkening
Sarah Kreß
Anna Sganbati / Antonia Maria Hüning
Technischer Direktor
Peer Rudolph
Assistentin des Technischen Direktors
Aysha Tetzner
Assistentin der Technischen Leitung
Nadine Bork 
Technischer Leiter Zwinger
Roberto Martinez Licona
Technische Mannschaft
Christian Brecht, Alexander Dressler, Jonah Fellhauer, Christian Raudzis, Kristin Rohleder,  Andreas Schulz, Niklas Ott, Maurice Weerts (Auszubildender) 
Leiterin der Kostümabteilung
Katharina Kromminga, Kristina Flachs (Stellv.) 
Gewandmeisterin Damen
Karen Becker
Gewandmeisterinnen Herren
Alexandra Partzsch, Baika Bettag 
Kristina Flachs
Kerstin Geiger 
Ramona Bauer, Marlene Miensopust
Leitung der Requisite
Anna Waldenmaier, Jürgen Kohl-Wilz (Stellv.)
Wolf Brückmann
Leiter des Malersaals
Dietmar Lechner
Leiter der Dekorationswerkstatt
Markus Rothmund
Leiter der Schlosserei
Karl-Heinz Weis
Leiter der Schreinerei
Klaus Volpp
Dmitry Sludyanin

Listen to an introduction by Lene Grösch (in German) here.