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south pole. windless

by Armela Madreiter

World premiere
World premiere
Young Theatre [10+]
Zwinger 3
in German

Ten-year-old Ida and her friend Robert Falcon Scott share above all one passion: Polar research. All day long, they seem to prepare for future research expeditions. But before they can delve into the mysteries of the icy caps on the other side of the earth, they need to take care of other things: Ida’s school urgently wants to talk to her mother for some reason. They need to stop that, because even though Ida’s mother sits on the sofa all day long, she is not really there. Ida knows that side of her mum and knows how to handle it, but she needs to protect her as best she can from the outside world. 

Armela Madreiter is a writer and dramaturge. Her play »south pole. windless« received a special price for students of scenic writing by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth. With sensitivity and poetic power, she tells the story of Ida who lives in precarious circumstances and with a mentally ill mother.

Content notes

This production is accompanied by a programme from the Arts & Education team.

Stage and Costumes
Theatre Education
Robert Falcon Scott
Assistant Director
Caroline Ufer
Direction Hospitanz 
Emily Grimm
Costume Assistance
Franziska Deubert / Antonia Hüning

The production of the decorative parts is carried out in the workshops of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg.

A complete list of all employees of the technical departments involved can be found here.

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Trailer by Siegersbuschfilm

»Überzeugend und einfühlsam« findet Ingeborg Salomon in der Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (20. November 2023) Yvonne Kespohls Uraufführungsinszenierung des preisgekrönten Stücks von Armela Madreiter, das »viel Diskussionsstoff« biete. »Poetisch und sensibel« werde erzählt, wie ein »Mädchen in prekären Verhältnissen sich in eine Fantasiewelt« rette und seinen Alltag meistere und das mit »drei großartigen Schauspielern«. Ensemble und Autorin seien deshalb »begeistert gefeiert« worden.

Für den Mannheimer Morgen (21. November 2023) berichtet Tanja Capuana-Parisi, Autorin Armela Madreiter habe die schwierigen Themen »psychische Erkrankungen und Vernachlässigung« »auf behutsame Weise« in ihrem Text verarbeitet und »ausdrucksvolle Dialoge« geschaffen. In ihrer Inszenierung setze Yvonne Kepohl Idas Geschichte mit »mit humorvollen Momenten und viel Spannung« um – und habe das Publikum »begeistert«.