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The Weight of Ants

by David Paquet

Young Theatre [12+]
Zwinger 3
in German

Jean’s and Olivier’s school landed in the top 10 of the country’s worst schools. The good thing about it is that they will get a special subsidy to finance the future weeks. The school’s headmaster says: »Loosely translated that means we will organise school elections so that you think you have power. After that we will organise a costume party so that you forget that you don’t have any. Are you excited? Me neither.« Despite this less than motivating speech, Jean and Olivier put themselves up for student council elections. The election campaign, fuelled by enthusiastic speeches, asks loudly and bluntly whether optimism and commitment are still legitimate and viable today. 

With »The Weight of Ants« Canadian author David Paquet wrote a fast paced, furious comedy in which a chaotic world of adults offers young people neither orientation nor participation.

This production is accompanied by a programme from the Arts & Education team.

Stage and Costumes
Lan Anh Pham
Theatre Education