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1st Bachchor Concert

George Frideric Handel: »Jephtha«

Iphis (Sopran)
Angel (Soprano)
Carolin Hempel
Storge (Mezzosopran)
Hamor (Countertenor)
Jephtha (Tenor)
Zebul (Bass)
Musical Direction

With »Jephtha«, Handel created another musical highlight of the baroque oratorio with large choirs, emotionally expressive arias and moving ensembles. Libretto writer Thomas Morell turned a tragic story from the Old Testament into one with a happy ending: In contrast to the biblical original, an angel intervenes and saves Jephta’s daughter from being sacrificed in his version. »Jephtha« is George Frideric Handel’s last oratorio. In it, he manages to perfectly combine the biblical text with the spirit of the Greek Tragedy.

Listen to an introduction by Christian Kabitz (in German) here.