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Play for Us

by Milan Gather

World premiere
World premiere
Young Theatre [10+]
Zwinger 3
Commissioned by Theater und Orchester Heidelberg / in German

Since childhood, the two friends with the shirt numbers 1 and 13 have played for the same football club: Fortuna Heidelberg. Today, they have both turned professional. He fights with his team against relegation to the 3rd division; she as keeper, on the other hand, keeps almost every ball and is on the verge of promotion to the to the 1st division. Then two transfer offers could change everything. The young striker could soon be playing for the big boys. She receives an invitation to try out for the national team. Childhood dreams that come true - could it really be that simple? The two of them soon realise that there are various conditions attached to the offer–conditions that challenge their loyalties and capacities.

What does it mean when the interests of officials, donors and politicians increasingly dominate football? What (im)possibilities do women encounter in the world of football? And what can a friendship endure?

Milan Gather is a trained actor and was a member of the ensemble at JES Stuttgart from 2018-2020. He wrote his first play there, »Astronauten,« which was invited to several festivals in 2020 and won the Jugendstückepreis at the Heidelberger Stückemarkt. His second play »OMA MONIKA - was war?« won the KinderStückePreis at the 47th Mülheimer Theatertage in 2022 and 1st prize at the 25th Hessischen Kinder- und Jugendtheaterwoche KUSS. »Spiel für uns« is his first work at the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg.

This production is accompanied by a programme from the Arts & Education team.

Stage and Costumes
Sebastian Flaig
Vocals Fortuna Heidelberg Anthem
Theatre Education
Assistant director
Caroline Ufer
Assistance Stage Design
Judith Grätzer
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Trailer by Siegersbuschfilm

»Gutes Timing« habe das Theater mit diesem Jugendstück über die »Schattenseiten des Profifußballs« so kurz vor Beginn der Fußball-EM bewiesen, meint Ingeborg Salomon in der Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung (10. April 2024). Regisseurin Inda Buschmann und ihr Team hätten bei der Uraufführung »überzeugen« können und lieferten »packende Unterhaltung«, aber auch »viel Stoff für weitere Diskussionen« und seien dabei »sehr nah dran am Leben«.

With kind support of Stiftung Fußball & Kultur Euro 2024