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Freud Is Dreaming :: Anna O.

A VR production by RAUM+ZEIT (Kittstein / Mikeska / Schneider)

World premiere
World premiere
Großer Hörsaal Philosophenweg 12
in German
[recommended for ages 15 and up]

Sigmund Freud is dreaming. How did it all begin? With Anna O.? In 1895, Freud together with Josef Breuer, also a physician, publishes five exemplary cases in »Studies in Hysteria«. Among the patients is Anna O. who invents the term »talking cure«. As late as 1953, it turned out that Anna O. was in fact Bertha Pappenheim, activist for women’s rights and founder of the Jüdischer Frauenbund (League of Jewish Women). With their new theatre project RAUM+ZEIT stage a theatric tour de force surrounding Bertha, her alter ego Anna O., Freud and Breuer. 

The historic auditorium of the Institute for Theoretical Physics of the University of Heidelberg, located on Philosophenweg, will open its doors for this special production. Combining virtual reality and live performance, the collective RAUM+ZEIT embarks on a research into the beginnings of psychoanalysis, focusing on the phenomenon hysteria from today’s point of view. The group’s latest awards includes the Friedrich-Luft-Preis for Berlin’s best production in 2022. 

The VR production »Freud träumt :: Anna O.« works at the interface of live acting and 360° VR video technology - please note some practical information here.

Content notes / Notes on sensitive content

Lothar Kittstein
Costume Design
Sound Design
RAUM+ZEIT/Heimspiel GmbH
Regieassistenz und Abendspielleitung
Georg Zahn
Paul Berg, Polina Solotowizki

Listen to an intruduction in German by Maria Schneider here.

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Trailer von Nicolai Hildebrandt

Co-production of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg with RAUM+ZEIT
Supported by the Fonds Darstellende Künste with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media within the framework of NEUSTART KULTUR
With kind support of experimente#digital - a cultural initiative of the Aventis Foundation
In cooperation with the Institut für Theoretische Physik of Universität Heidelberg