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The Fire Raisers

A morality without a moral by Max Frisch

Zwinger 1
[recommended for ages 14 and up]

Fire raisers are in town, setting fire to the roofs under which the upstanding citizens sleep tightly. Despite all warnings, Gottlieb Biedermann offers shelter to two hawkers, letting them stay in his attic. He ignores their infernal schemes until the bitter end. In his morality without a moral, Max Frisch writes about the path of least resistance – with all its devastating consequences.

Content notes

Stage and Costumes
Christina Kirk
Toni Landomini
Theatre Education
Matthias Kuhlemann Mareike Schneider
Gottlieb Biedermann
Babette Biedermann
Joseph Schmitz
Willi Eisenring
Toni Landomini
Assistant Director / Stage Manager
Laura Krahn
Sara Eichhorn
Foreman Stage
Christian Brecht
​Foreman Lighting
Kristin Rohleder
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