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Baroque opera in three acts by Reinhard Keiser

Winter in Schwetzingen
Winter in Schwetzingen
Musical Theatre
Rokokotheater Schwetzingen
Libretto by Friedrich Maximilian von Lersner / musical reconstruction by Clemens Flick / in German with German supertitles / texts by Ulrike Schumann

Penelope remained faithful to Ulysees for twenty years while she awaited his return to Ithaca. Following the Trojan war, however, the Greek hero finds his home different from how he remembered it. Circe, the sorceress, wants to allure Ulysees by unfair means: the suffering couple must face yet another onerous test.

Together with Georg Philipp Telemann, Reinhard Keiser was considered in his time to have defined the characteristics of early German opera at the famous Oper am Gänsemarkt in Hamburg. Keiser's opera »Ulysses« was an homage in which he sought to praise the marital fidelity of the Danish royal couple by analogy with his protagonists. It was premiered in Copenhagen in 1722, and Keiser hoped it would result in his appointment at court.

Only fragments of the work are extant. Completed by Clemens Flick, this will be the first scenic production of the opera in three centuries.

Musical Direction
Stage and Costumes
Collaboration Stage and Costumes
Faveola Kett
Lighting Design
Andreas Rehfeld
Erste Amourette
Zweite Amourette
Ein Dichter
Director of Studies
Johannes Zimmermann
Musical Rehearsals
Kens Lui, Johannes Zimmermann
Assistant Director and Evening Performance Direction
Anna Plummer
Stage manager
Philipp Valentin, Anni Klatte
Costume Assistant
Nora Kirschmeier
Costume Hospitanz
Anne Mauch
Theatre Education
Maura Kopschitz
Supertitles Creation
Thomas Böckstiegel
Supertitles Management
Martin Becher, Ayana Friederike Kehr, Cecilia Schulze
Production Management Winter in Schwetzingen
Sina Schecker
Technical Director
Peer Rudolph
Assistant to the Technical Director and Organization
Aysha Tetzner
Technical Office, Assistant to the Artistic Director
Nadine Bork
Technical Production Manager / Head of the Workshop
Jens Weise
Decoration made in cooperation with TOBS Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn
Artistic Director Rokokotheater Schwetzingen
Wolfgang Phillipp
Lighting Master Rokokothetaer Schwetzingen
Wolfgang Labud
Head of Stage Technology
Michaela Abts
Stage Foreman
Udo Weber
Head of the Lighting Department
Ralf Kabrhel
Head of Sound Department
Alexander Wodniok
Head of Costume Department
Katharina Kromminger, Kristina Flachs
Wardrobe Master Womens
Dagmar Gröver
Warodrobe Master Mens
Katja Ulrich
Head of the Dressing Room
Sabrina Flitsch
Head of Make-up
Kerstin Geiger
Make-up Artist
Benita Breetzke, Marlene Miensopust, Daniela Werner
Head of Props
Jürgen Kohl-Witz
Props Manager
Laurenz Micke
Head of the Paint Shop
Dietmar Lechner
Head of the Decoration Workshop
Markus Rothmund
Mario Hansen
Head of the Metal Workshop
Karl-Heinz Weis
Head of the Carpentry
Klaus Volpp

Listen to an introduction (in German) by Thomas Böckstiegel here.

A coproduction with the Theater Orchester Biel Solothurn