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The Golden Pot

A modern fairy tale / after E. T. A. Hoffmann

Alter Saal
prepared for the stage by Jürgen Popig / in German without supertitles
[recommended for ages 15 and up]

Anselmus is an ill-fated student. Having kicked over a market trader's fruit basket, he has to give up the little money he had had to fritter away during the holiday. A mysterious, fantastical world opens up behind the facade of everyday life, and Anselmus is about to be drawn in. Suddenly the market trader appears to be a witch, the archivist Lindhorst turns into a lizard and his daughter Serpentina becomes a green-golden snake. Fairy tale parallel world or sick delusion? Anselmus is facing two incompatible life designs. One day, he will have to decide.

Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann's »modern fairy tale« (1814) had the fantastical abruptly burst into the here and now. Its very complexity keeps inviting new treatments of »The Golden Pot«.

This production is accompanied by a programme from the Arts & Education team.

Stage Design
Serpentina / Veronika
Liese Rauerin
Archivarius Lindhorst
Konrektor Paulmann
Registrator Heerbrand
Creatures and mythical beings
Vladlena Sviatash Sarah Wissner
Sarah Wissner
Live music (Piano)
Live music (Percussion)
N. N.