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Beauty and the Beast

Family play by Catharina Fillers based on the French fairy tale

Young Theatre [6+]
Alter Saal
in German

»Once upon a time ...« that’s how this fairy tale of the merchant daughter Belle, the beautiful, starts. Self-confident, honest and helpful, she is the heart of her family and her father’s sun. When he accidentally incurs the rage of a wild man, half beast, half human, by plucking a rose, she bravely takes over the task of keeping the beast company in its castle instead of her father. Behind his cruelty and wild appearance, Belle discovers a sensitive heart. After many adventures and against all odds, they fall in love. Their love is so strong that it eventually lifts the curse on the beast. 

With a lot of music and fantasy, the play not only talks about the hidden true beauty of the beast but also tells us that Belle is so much more than just beautiful.

This production is accompanied by a programme from the Arts & Education team.

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Stage and Costumes
Theatre Education
Fee / Schwester
Madame Divine / Oberhofdame
Leonie Kolhoff Katharina Ley
Assistant Director
Polina Solotowizki
Stage Manager
Burkhard Reitz
Direction Hospitanz
Remo Riwotzki
​Assistant Stage Design
Anne Mauch 
Stage Foreman
Michaela Abts
Lighting Master
Simone Kalt / Ralf Kabrhel