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Melodramma in four acts by Giuseppe Verdi

Musical Theatre
Libretto by Francesco Maria Piave, amendments by Andrea Maffei based on the tragedy by William Shakespeare / in Italian with German supertitles
[recommended for ages 15 and up]

Reviewers of the 1847 premiere in Florence were not impressed with Giuseppe Verdi’s (1813-1901) decision to use the English classic »Macbeth« by William Shakespeare instead of an Italian text as the basis for his new stage production. Audiences, meanwhile, were excited by the mix of human tragedy and dark romanticism Verdi used once more in his attempt to put the unity of poetry and music to the service of theatrical effectiveness.

Witches predict the victorious General Macbeth’s ascent to King of Scotland. They also have a prophecy for his friend Banquo: He shall be the father of future kings. From thereon, Macbeth and his ambitious wife, a noblewoman, pursue their bloody path to the throne. After the incumbent king, Banquo is their next victim. But Banquo's son manages to escape the hired assassins and Macbeth lives in fear of losing his throne to him. As hubris turns into madness, events take their inevitable course culminating in the royal couple's downfall.

Musical Direction
Mino Marani



Ingo Kerkhof
Stage Design
Costume Design
Britta Leonhardt
Lighting Design
Ralph Schanz
Choir Direction
Lady Macbeth
Signe Heiberg
Kammerfrau der Lady Macbeth
N. N.
João Terleira Gergely Németi
Gideon Henska
Gabriel Fortunas
Opernchor des Theaters und Orchesters Heidelberg Statisterie des Theaters und Orchesters Heidelberg Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg

Gabriel Fortunas ist Mitglied des Opernstudios Mascarade Opera Florenz.

Director of Studies
Hanna Klose
Musical Rehearsals
Hanna Klose, Kens Lui, Junyoung Kim, Nanami Yamane, Manon Parmentier
Assistant Director
Lennart Kammler
Stage Management
Katharina von Zadow
Supertitles Management
N. N.
Assistant Stage Design
Judith Grätzer
Assistant Costumes
Clara Akemi Wilkening
Hospitanz Costumes
Katharina Kallert

The production of the decorative parts is carried out in the workshops of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg.

A complete list of all employees of the technical departments involved can be found here.