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Time is Driving the Car

Songs and texts from bars, ranging from Kurt Tucholsky to Udo Lindenberg

Zwinger 1
in German

Unemployment and a shortage on the housing market, the spectres of war and populism, inflation and economic crisis – a look into the lyrical political writing and political essays of the 1920ies and 30ies reveals surprisingly topical and contemporary texts. Nevertheless, they are mostly light and humorous, full of puns, gallows humour and calculated pessimism, and have often been turned into songs, thereby maintaining their popularity until today. In a typical bar atmosphere, regulars meet revolutionists, flâneurs meet lovers. A revue with poems and aphorisms by Erich Kästner, Irmgard Keun, Walter Mehring and Kurt Tucholsky as well as songs by Friedrich Hollaender, Hanns Eisler, Claire Waldorff and Udo Lindenberg. And many more. In 1927, Erich Kästner wrote: »We’re all on the same train«. But also: »Time is driving the car. But no one knows how to steer.«

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