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My Hell

by Oksana Savchenko

World premiere
World premiere
Zwinger 1
Commissioned by the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg / in German and Ukrainian with German and Ukrainian supertitles
[recommended for ages 15 and up]

Two families move in together: A German mother opens her home to a Ukrainian woman and her teenage daughter. They discover similarities, they bond. But different approaches to raising a teenage daughter lead to conflicts: Where are the limits? Which issues can you broach openly and which issues are taboo? In this play, the little challenges of living together form a trace leading to deeper political differences. 

After »The Night Hides the Morning«, in-house writer Oksana Savchenko presents »My Hell«, a sociocritical tragic comedy dealing with the complex relations between German hosts and Ukrainian refugees, going beyond push messages, official statistics and hastily hoisted and gradually taken down Ukrainian flags.

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