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The Journey of G. Mastorna

based on the film script by Federico Fellini

Marguerre-Saal and Alter Saal
Bühnenfassung von Bernadette Sonnenbichler
[recommended for ages 16 and up]

A violent storm forces an airplane to land. On board: Giuseppe Mastorna, cellist, travelling on business. But after they land in this unknown town, his nightmare is only just starting. While the world on the ground looks just like the world that Mastorna knows, something is not at all right with it. And then he meets a friend who has been dead for many years. 

»I believe it would have been my best film,« Federico Fellini wrote about his film script that was never realised due to his illness. After »Steppenwolf«, it is director Bernadette Sonnenbichler’s second production in Heidelberg. In her own stage adaptation, she discovers the fantastic film material of one of the greatest film directors of the 20th century who delves into death only to find his way back into life.

Stage Design
Costume Design
Tanja Kramberger
Jacob Suske
Production Management
Theatre Education
Mareike Schneider
Giuseppe Mastorna
Passagier, Schneider, Reisender u. a.
Passagier, Schneider, Armandino u. a.
Portier, Vorbeter, Bahnhofsvorsteher
Transvestit, Papst, Oberst
Beatrice, Polizeichef, Suizidale
Live Music
Jacob Suske
Statisterie des Theaters und Orchesters Heidelberg
Assistant Director
Laura Krahn
Assistant Stage Design
Judith Grätzer
Costume Assistant
Franziska Deubert / Clara Akemi Wilkening
Sara Eichhorn

The production of the decorative parts is carried out in the workshops of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg.

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