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Opera in three acts by Leoš Janáček

Musical Theatre
Text by Leoš Janáček based on a drama (1890) by Gabriela Preissová / In Czech with German supertitles
[recommended for ages 16 and up]

A superficial love, jealousy and wrong morals lead Jenůfa astray and to a tragic fate. Laca loves her, but she loves Števa and is expecting his child. Angry about Jenůfa's rejection, he injures her face, disfiguring her forever. Števa no longer finds Jenůfa attractive and leaves her. As a single mum with a child out of wedlock, Jenůfa faces condemnation and exclusion from her village’s society. Jenůfa’s foster mum, a sacristan, kills the newborn child and tells Jenůfa it died while she was in bed with puerperal fever.

In his stage productions, composer Leoš Janáček (1854–1928) often tells the stories of people who were ostracised from society. Premiered at the Národní divadlo Brno (National Theatre of Brno) in 1904, »Jenůfa« has since then been part of the Czech repertoire and is an opera frequently played around the world.

Musical Direction
Mino Marani



Musikalische Leitung
Stage Design
Dirk Becker
Choir Direction
Die alte Buryja
Laca Klemeň
Števa Buryja
Die Küsterin Buryja
Signe Heiberg
Die Frau des Dorfrichters
Eine Magd
N. N.
N. N.
Erste Stimme
Zweite Stimme
Gideon Henska
Opernchor des Theaters und Orchesters Heidelberg Statisterie des Theaters und Orchesters Heidelberg Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg
Director of Studies
Hanna Klose
Musical Rehearsals
Hanna Klose, Kens Lui, Junjoung Kim, Nanami Yamane
Language Coaching
Radmila Homolka
Assistant Direction
Lennar Kammler
Stage Management
Katharina von Zadow

The production of the decorative parts is carried out in the workshops of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg.

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