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A thriller by Sivan ben Yishai, Henrik Ibsen, Gerhild Steinbruch and Ivan Zič

in German
[recommended for ages 16 and up]

As of New Year’s Day, Torvald Helmer will be bank director. This long awaited promotion earns him a significant pay rise and an ideal social standing. A reason to celebrate for Helmers, as it promises good times for Helmer’s three kids and his wife Nora, whom he calls his »squirrel«, his »little lark«, and who is guarding an explosive secret. Premiere in 1879. Resounding success. Emancipation. Question mark. 

The authors Sivan Ben Yishai, Gerhild Steinbruch and Ivna Zič have overwritten this story from new perspectives - based on an idea by the Münchner Kammerspiele. Bourgeois theatre thriller meets thoughts on Nora’s privileged situation, meets the perspectives of Nora’s adult children and meets the feminist view of Kristine Linde, originally a secondary character. »Imagine that and forget all sentences you have heard from others.«

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