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Internationaler Autor*innenwettbewerb

Readings / International Autor*innenwettbewerb / Guest country Georgia / Khorbaladze/Liparteliani/Chigvinadze

Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Heidelberger Stückemarkt
Zwinger 3
13:30 Uhr: »The White Dog« by Davit Khorbaladze, German by Tamar Muskhelishvili / 14:30 Uhr: »Terzetto« by Marita Liparteliani, German by Natia Mikeladze / 16:00 Uhr: »Who's Knocking?« by Alex Chigvinadze, German by Natia Mikeladze

The readings will take place in Zwinger 3. They will also be available to watch via livestream and on video following the events.

»The White Dog« by Davit Khorbaladze
Translated from Georgian by Tamar Muskhelishvili
Mariam has lost her dog. Or at least, he has never been gone so long. Her teacher Irina takes her home with her. There, the bedsore Gia depends on her help. An apocalyptic scenario unfolds that is full of poetic associations typical of the young author and director Davit Khorbaladze: »Imagine creatures undulating on the air, communicating with each other without words and without fights. Sometimes they meet, they merge into one and they separate. Nothing and no one disturbs their happiness. In the meantime, humans have met their downfall in their self-invented diseases. Even the undulating creatures will not remember their creators. In all probability, they won’t even need a memory anymore. They will forget everything.«

»Terzetto« by Marita Liparteliani
Translated from the Georgian by Natia Mikeladze
One of Europe’s biggest national parks, the Borjomi forest in the Caucasus region, is burning. Andro saves the unconscious Keti from a half collapsed building and barricades himself in a cellar with her. What is going on outside? Is it really a forest fire? A radioactive disaster? War? A pandemic? Niko at least seems to have been infected with a virus. Marita Liparteliani creates a virtuous chamber play of oppressive claustrophobia with her three protagonists.

»Who's Knocking?« by Alex Chigvinadze
Translated from the Georgian by Natia Mikeladze
The siblings Lili and Niko are home alone. They're watching a documentary on dolphins. Then the TV goes out. They knock on the device to make it turn on again. Instead, startled by their knocking, a panda crawls out of the TV. Why a panda? Because the TV was built in China and China is where pandas live. The panda synchronizes the entire TV programme. But then it gets hungry. And the children too. The fridge is home to a polar bear, of course. By that time, it is hardly surprising that the cuckoo living in the cuckoo clock has trouble keeping up with the time, due to age. Together with Lili and Niko, the polar bear, the panda and the cuckoo work out a strategy so that their parents will be able to afford a family holiday despite their chronic lack of money. »I think we should listen to our children more often”, their mother says when she returns.«

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»The White Dog«
Theresa Leopold Caroline Ufer
Paul Berg Corinna Reichle
»Who's Knocking?«

41. Heidelberger Stückemarkt/Hinterbühne - Der Festival-Podcast: #07 »Terzett«

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