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Musical comedy based on a grotesque opera libretto by Kurt Schwitters / Music by Ludger Vollmer

World premiere
World premiere
Concert, Musical Theatre, Theatre, Dance, Young Theatre
Arrangement of the original libretto by Ulrike Schumann / in collaboration with the composer and Jürgen Popig / Commissioned by the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg / Inter-sectional production
[recommended for ages 15 and up]

The astronomer Virmula is watching as a star comes steadily closer to Earth. Its collision with Earth would mean its end. Worldwide emergency state! Couples swear each other eternal love in the face of death, a new hit is created, live reports about the comet are broadcasted. The curious, the suicidal and the press gather for the apocalypse. Then, Virmula discovers a mistake in his calculations. Will it collide or not? And what would be worse?

Käthe Steinitz and Kurt Schwitters wrote this grotesque opera in 1927. Its performance will unite the different sections of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg. Ludger Vollmer transformed Schwitter’s libretto into music that is just as grotesque and dazzling, forming a type of revue. Born in 1961, he is currently among the most played theatre music composers with operas like »Head On«, »Run Lola Run« and »Why We Took the Car«.

Musical Direction
Stage and Costumes
Collaboration Costumes
Lighting Design
Ralph Schanz
Choir Direction
Theatre Education
Virmula, Astronom
Alma, seine Assistentin
Amira Elmadfa
Meisterlich, Oberordnungskommissar
Taa, Tänzerin / Agnes
Johanna Greulich
Frau Rommel / Person A
Noll, Tänzer / Heinrich
Bana, Meisterlichs Frau
Teddi, Taas großer Bär, später lebendig
Raphael Rubino
Regisseur / Person B
Der Herr
Chor des Theaters und Orchesters Heidelberg Dance Theatre Heidelberg Statisterie des Theaters und Orchesters Heidelberg Philharmonisches Orchester Heidelberg
Hanna Klose
Musical Rehearsals
Hanna Klose, Kens Lui, Manon Parmentier, Junyoung Kim, Nanami Yamane
Assistant Director
Cora Josefine Hannen, Therese von Aretin
Stage Inspector
Anni Klatte
Henner John
Costume Assistant
Franziska Deubert
Assistant Stage Design
Chris Koch
​Stage Manager
Brandon Ess

The production of the decorative parts is carried out in the workshops of the Theater und Orchester Heidelberg.

A complete list of all employees of the technical departments involved can be found here.

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